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Supplies to make your Machine Embroidery easier!

Find all the supplies you need on our site to make embroidery much easier- just click the SHOP. Start browsing and turn your ideas into realities today.

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Machine Embroidery Supplies Shop Sheffield


Do you hate hooping or wish the process was quicker? You may have seen other hooping stations and aids but nothing like the Echidna Hooping Stations. 

The Echidna Hooping Station works with most Machine brand hoops such as Brother, Janome, DIME, Pfaff whether this is a single needle or Multi Needle Machine (such as PR) 

They have a Non Slip Surface and Powerful Magnets which hold your hoops securely in place each & every time.

Powerful magnets allow you complete control over hoop placement for ANY project. Plus, the powerful reusable magnets eliminate the need to use messy spray adhesives, pins, clips & tape. 


The Information You Need to Know

The new mold injected design makes the new Echidna Hooping Stations stronger than ever! These durable systems will keep you hooping perfectly for years to come.

How does buy 1 get 1 free sound? Each Echidna Hooping Station has 2 different-sized usable boards on either side of it. This allows you to always have the perfect-sized hooping station surface for virtually any project you can imagine!

Each of the double-sided ergonomic frames is angled perfectly to eliminate stress on your wrists while hooping. This also makes the hooping station perfect for hooping difficult tubular items like shirts, sleeves, socks, baby onesies & more. Simply slip them around the frame & hoop!

Unlike other hooping stations on the market, you don’t have to purchase multiple attachments for the different-sized hoops you own & machine brands. This saves you money as the Echidna Hooping Station will work for virtually every sized hoop & machine brand on the market.

Machine Embroidery Supplies Shop Sheffield

Digitising Service in Collaboration with: 


We are really excited to now offer a digitising service, with fast turnaround and low cost. Set up your account now. Click the link below. 

It is really quick and easy to set up an account. Once you have set up your account, start uploading your images you want to be digitised, receive your file within 24 hours. 

We will not be beaten on quality and turnaround

Machine Embroidery Supplies Shop Sheffield Kimberbell

Kimberbell sell on-trend embroidery designs whether you are making for yourself, home, a gift or a treasured keepsake. Suitable for beginners or a pro! All designs come with full colour, step by step instructions. Follow the link below to browse & purchase.

Sweetpea essential products

You can now purchase Sweetpea essential products in the UK and amazing designs. Use the link below:

Heirloom Quilts in the UK

You can now purchase Heirloom Quilts in the UK from the Facebook Group, Heirloom Quilts UK. Follow the link below:   

Christine from E2E - closeup.png

Do you Quilt or fancy trying Quilting with your Embroidery Machine? Since 2008, Amelie Scott Designs has created innovative quilting projects and embroidery designs. Founded on the idea of providing simple to understand instructions that result in beautiful products. Enjoy a 15% discount with the code:   



DIME Products- we sell a number of DIME products that will help with your embroidery projects. Head to the shop to see whats available. 

DIME Hoops- Experience the effortless one step method to hoop and align fabrics. It's perfect for 

Terry cloth

Bulky fleece

Quilt sandwiches

Heavy fabrics

Continuous embroidery

Allover embroidery

Easily make adjustments to hooped fabrics. The Snap Hoop Monster is easy to use and offers pain-free hooping with no hand strain! Stop hoop burn and master allover embroidery and multiple hoopings. With the Snap Hoop Monster you can stitch all the way to the edge of your fabric.


For both single needle embroidery machines and Brother VR and Brother Multi-needle (PR)

Machine Embroidery Supplies Shop

DIME Magnetic Embroidery Hoops


Designs in Machine Embroidery- Toolshed 

Designs in Machine Embroidery- Toolshed 
Designs in Machine Embroidery- Toolshed 


Why not join my Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group where we post videos of the Echidna Hooping Stations & DIME magnetic Hoops. It is an amazing support group, you can connect with others, ask questions and share your makes! 

Either search for the group on Facebook- DIME Magnetic or click the little F symbols at the bottom of the webpage. 

Machine Embroidery Supplies Facebook
Michelle Schofield


I am Michelle Schofield, I am sole UK Distributor for Echidna Sewing Pty Ltd.


I am also a dealer for DIME Magnetic Embroidery Hoops in the UK. I have sold DIME products since 2018. 

I have a Brother Luminaire XP1 and a Brother PR1055X. I have enjoyed embroidery for over 15 years. 


Sheffield, United Kingdom

Machine Embroidery Supplies Shop
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