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The Embroidery Tool Kit Includes:

  • Angle Finder™
  • Centering Rulers
  • Target Rulers™
  • Adhesive Centering Rulers
  • Target Sticker™ Sheet
  • Hoop Shields


Angle Finder™ 

Embroider designs perfectly straight regardless of how crooked you hoop and create continuous embroidery or elaborate design layouts quickly and easily.

Simply use the Angle Finder to determine the exact rotation necessary for any design to be stitched accurately in the hoop. 

Includes hole for easy storage. 


Centering Rulers 

Translucent flexible rulers are designed to fit in the hoop (5″, 7″, 12″ sizes included). Translucency makes it easy to view existing marks, target stickers, embroidery designs or sewn seams clearly.

Just measure designs and distances between designs and mark horizontal and vertical positioning lines.

Includes hole for easy storage. 


Target Rulers™ 

Unique design features an x-y axis to easily locate the center of any area in the hoop. Now you can find the center of a design, pocket, quilt square or hoop in an instant. 

Includes large hole for inserting Target Stickers or marking fabric. Comes in two sizes to accommodate large and small hoops (6″ x 6″, 7″ x 12″).  Translucency makes it easy to view existing marks, target stickers, embroidery designs or sewn seams clearly. 

Includes hole for easy storage. 


Adhesive Centering Rulers

Extra long adhesive centering rulers can be affixed to hoops, tables, or any surface that needs a ruler! Easily trim the 14″ rulers to size. 

4 rulers


Target Sticker™ Sheets

The professional method for planning embroidery layout on a project. Simply mark design placement with a Target Sticker or use Text Stickers for aligning text quickly and easily.

The stickers are a safe alternative to marking fabrics with pens or chalk to place embroidery designs. No risk of permanent ink or residue.

Avoid mistakes! Write mirror image, design numbers or other notes on the stickers to avoid stitching errors. 


  • 75 Target Stickers
  • 15 Text Stickers


Hoop Shields

Hoop shields protect your hoop from sticky spray adhesives. Eliminate clean up time-no need to clean sticky residue from hoops. 

Includes hole for easy storage.

Includes shields for three hoop sizes:

  • 4"x4"
  • 5"x7"
  • 6"x10"


Please note this is a pre-order and will be sent once it arrives, you will get a notification once dispatched


Embroidery Tool Kit

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