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This is a used Large and Small Hooping Station that have been used for demonstrations. There are minor marks on both hooping stations but both work just the same, and only minor marks. Does not affect use. Grab a bargain!!! 




The Echidna Hooping Station is available in two sizes for both larger & small hoops. The large dual-sided hooping station is perfect for hooping bigger items such as garments, jacket backs, towels, blankets, or really anything that requires a large-sized hoop. The small dual-sided hooping station is perfectly sized to hoop smaller articles like baby clothes, socks, sleeves, the Embroider Buddy/Cubbies range & more.


***This is for BOTH hooping stations*** 


The small hooping Station fits under the larger station for easy storage 


Dual Sided Large Hooping Station 

Large Side 45cm x 42.5cm 

Small Side 45cm x 33cm 


Dual Sided Small Hooping Station 

Large side 43.5cm x 20cm

Small side 43.5cm x 10cm


Email me if you have any questions or problems


Check youtube, lots of great video's- type in Echinda Hooping Stations @machineembroiderysupplies


Please note the hooping stations are stored in a warehouse, so the outer boxing on ocassion may be slightly damaged but the product will not be damaged.


No return accepted due to reduction. 


Reduced (Used) Large and Small Echidna Hooping Station

  • Made from high-grade materials, these hooping aids are built to last. Whether you use yours every day for business purposes, or just occasionally to make hooping difficult items easier. Please contact us should you have any difficulties. 

  • DIspatched within 2-3 working days 

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